A Few Signs Why You Need Entertainment and Holiday

Being stuck in a routine often makes you lose time to enjoy entertainment and holidays. In fact, entertainment is important for your physical and mental health because when relaxing while enjoying movies, music, and games, you can relax your brain and physical work. Fun activities are also able to increase endorphins which provide pleasure and happiness. Then, what is the sign that you really need entertainment?


Have you ever felt difficulties when you want to sleep while your body already feels very tired? If so, then you are stressed. Stressful conditions that occur in your body will make it difficult for you to relax in order to fall asleep.


Insomnia physical and mental health

It has been reported  that there are so many young guys who do not have enough hours of sleep (eight hours a day) since they are too busy at work. Meanwhile, some of the other guys do not sleep well due to a lot of problem and thoughts.

The body gets hurt for no reason

Stress is not only able to cause difficulty sleeping and playing, but also a pain in the body. This form of pain that is felt in the body is a physiological consequence caused by chemical reactions from the brain to fight the stress that happens to you.

The form varies, ranging from an increase in pulse, blood pressure that rises or decreases more than usual conditions, sweating for no reason, chest pain, back pain, to headaches.

No motivation to work

Lack of picnics and entertainment can make you feel bored and have trouble gathering motivation to get the work done. You will find it hard to feel satisfied with the results of the work owned. Also will certainly feel that everything that happens feels very disturbing.

No motivation to work

No motivation to work physical and mental health

Difficult to think and focus on work

If you feel you’ve made too many mistakes, it’s hard to focus on work, easy to forget, difficult to solve problems and make decisions, then you need vacation time and entertainment.

Dr. David Ballard of the American Psychological Association in an interview with Forbes revealed that you will find it difficult to focus if your stress has reached a chronic stage.

Difficulty dealing with small problems

People who has a lack vacation time will usually have difficulty understanding different perspectives. They will generally treat small problems as large disturbances that require resolution as quickly as possible.

Michael Kerr, author of ‘The Humor Advantage’, told Business Insider that the lack of a healthy perspective on the problem suggests that you need to recalibrate mentally. One of which is to take a vacation and do some fun activities.

Feeling no friends

When you do not get enough vacation, your emotions tend to turn negative. You become depressed, easily frustrated, and easily offended.

Other signs that you can find when you spend too much time with work are that you feel you have no friends. You tend to withdraw from your circle of friends and start complaining often. In the end, everything will get wrong.

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