Fun Activities for a Vacation at Home with Children

Who says exciting holidays can only be realized by traveling abroad? Moms can provide unforgettable exciting holidays, even if it’s just a vacation or playing idnplay poker at home! How do you do it? Let’s join 12 exciting fun activities for a vacation at home with the following children. Not only fun you know, Moms, these 12 fun activities also make your relationship with your child closer.

1. Cake Decorating Contest

Decorating cakes can be one way to get rid of boredom. Moms can make cupcakes or other small cakes and make a cake decorating contest. Provide icing or whipped cream and decoration in the form of choco chip, colorful sweets, or also choco sprinkles as a topping.

Cake Decorating Contest

Cake Decorating Contest

Moms can also invite all family members or friends of the kids to join this competition. Besides being able to win prizes, cheerfulness also awakens while enjoying the cake of the competition.

2. Movie Marathon

When it’s raining outside, you can invite your kids to watch a movie together. The film genre is certainly adjusted to the age of the child and has an educative side. However, there are fun ways to make the kids happy.

Moms can prepare a table that is used as a counter and direct the child to become a ticket seller. Also, provide popcorn and other snacks to accompany you while watching. So, before sitting on the couch, Moms and other family members can make a transaction to buy tickets and snacks. You imagine seeing children become our servants and can feel satisfied with what they do it.

3. Insect Hunting

If your house has a garden or is close to a park, invite your kids to hunt for insects. This can increase a child’s imagination and creativity. It is also able to bring out the adventurous spirit and their independence.

Insect Hunting

Insect Hunting

All you need to prepare is a net and a small bottle to store the captured insects. These insects can be stored and used as learning materials for kids to increase their knowledge. You can release it into the wild after two days in a bottle.

4. Fashion Show

Children, especially women, understand the meaning of being beautiful. They even find out what makeup is and try various products to their faces. Girls are also usually able to choose which clothes make it look beautiful even if only at home.

Then, Moms can make a catwalk stage for children to do a fashion show. Let them experiment in determining the clothes to the accessories you want to wear. For makeup, Moms can help them not to over-apply. Then, prepare a variety of colorful lights placed on the floor and play fast tempo music to add to the lively appearance of the Little One.

5. Play Houses

Although only in the house, you can invite your children to build houses or tents from simple materials. You can make it from a bed linen fabric that is placed under the order of benches. Moms can also sew any fabric that is made like the shape of a house, then place it as a dining table cover. Kids can also play in it like a house or tent.

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