Fun Ideas to Decorate Your Home

Decorating your home is a great way to add a personal touch to your residence. A good sense of design can turn a house into a home. Try these five easy and cheap ideas to splash some fun into your home!

Add a green touch

Going green is the way to go nowadays, and more and more people are keeping plants inside their home. A touch of green is always great – studies show that looking at the color green helps us relax.

Houseplants also filter the air and produce oxygen. So, your room will feel fresher and cleaner.

Add a green touch

Add a green touch

Worried that you can’t keep plants? Don’t worry! There are many decorative plants that require low maintenance. Spider plants, sansevieria, and pathos are a great way to start cultivating your green thumb.

Go thrifting

Furniture can be expensive. But have you look at thrift stores?

Secondhand furniture cost significantly cheaper than the new ones. With a few bucks and a couple of steps, you can easily refurbish them and make them look and feel as good as new.

Thrifting is also a great way to find cool antique or vintage furniture. A vintage nightstand or mirror can easily add a dramatic touch into your plain room.

Go thrifting

Go thrifting

Not only is secondhand furniture cheaper, you also contribute to the environment. By reusing old things, you avoid waste.

Choose the right color scheme

Too little colors make your room dull. But too much color makes it too distracting. So, you have to know how to choose the right color scheme.

An easy way is to pick neutral colors for the walls and most of the furniture. White and beige are neutral shades that look good with any other color. Then, add some bold colors as accent. For example, use bright purple for the curtain, upholstery, and fabric in an otherwise white room.

Use removable wallpapers

Bored with how your walls look? Painting can be expensive and it also takes time. But you can still transform your interior dramatically with removable wallpapers.

Removable wallpapers are very easy to put. You can even stick it on your walls yourself. Plus, they are cheap.

Make sure to measure the size of your walls first. So, you can purchase the right amount of wallpaper and calculate how much to spend.

Use removable wallpapers

Use removable wallpapers

Feeling bold? Put a wallpaper with large, striking patterns. Bored with the same look? Replace it with other patterns or colors!

Refresh your views

Tired of the same old view of your window? New curtains can easily change how your room look.

Pick a curtain in a bold color for a neutral room. Choosing a contrasting opposite color also works. For example, dark blue curtains can complement your orange upholstery.

If you have a small room, the right curtain can change the ambiance. Pick one that reaches the floor to make your room appear taller and less compact.

You can also place some houseplants by the window to make it fresher. Your plants benefit from the sunlight too.

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