Tips for Having Fun Activities with Friends without Wasting Money

Fun activities with friends hanging out are often considered to be a waste of money. Though not really. Not always having fun has to do with spending time shopping at the mall, eating at expensive restaurants or cafes, and going traveling outside the island or abroad. There are many examples of fun activities that you can do without spending a lot of money. Check out some of them as follows:

Gather in city parks or house yards

If you or your friends have a fairly large yard, you can hold a mat for a ‘picnic’ while hanging out. Alternatively, set up a tent and make the atmosphere like you are camping. If no one has a yard, try hanging out together in city parks or other public facilities that can be accessed free of charge or a cheap entrance ticket. Not bad for changing the atmosphere rather than hanging out at the mall all the time, right?

Fun Activities with Friends

Fun Activities with Friends

Join a hobby or sports community

There are many advantages when joining a hobby or sports community. In addition to meeting new friends who have the same interests, the community might get special access or special prices when using sports facilities or activities related to the hobby.

Spend the weekend at home

Instead of spending time hanging out at the mall and watching at the movies on weekends that result in your spending is very wasteful, try to plan a weekend at the home. Bring a DVD to watch together and prepare snacks for a busy meal. In addition, you can also do cooking activities together. Food made with friends will taste better and filling.

Fun Activities with Friends

Fun Activities with Friends

Try to follow a festival event, biking, or sports activities together

Try to update frequently if in your city there are events like free biking & run a marathon together. Besides being fun, various activities are usually accompanied by gifts too. Not bad to be followed along with friends while competing with each other.

Invite to play games together

If you or one of your friends has a game console to be used to play together like Dadu Online, Xbox or Playstation, take advantage of the console. Playing games together is not a bad thing. You can compete with your friends to become the best player.

Finally, those are some fun activities without spending a lot of money with friends. You can do these activities outdoor or indoor according to your wishes.

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