Types of Free Entertainment

Looking for entertainment does not need to spend a lot of money. Watching a movie might be too expensive especially at the end of the month. Watching concerts is also not possible because your finances are running low. However, without entertainment and fun activities, you will feel stressed. Fortunately, you can still choose several types of free entertainment at without spending money. Here are some free entertainments that you can try to get.

Watch Drama and Movies at Home

Feeling bored at home? Maybe you can try watching your favorite dramas. You can turn on your TV or use your laptop to watch the latest drama collections. You can also watch the latest box office films that you can download via the internet. You can enjoy this type of entertainment for free.

Movies at Home

Movies at Home

Play Games on Playstation or Smartphone

Do you like playing games? The weekend is a good time to spend time playing games on your PC, PlayStation or Smartphone. You can play PUBG on your smartphone or play GTA 5 on PlayStation. You can invite your friends to play FIFA 2019 or PES 2019 on your computer or in your game console. All of these games you can enjoy for free. You also don’t have to go outside to enjoy the games.

Having Karaoke with Friends and Family

If you have speakers and a microphone, maybe you can try to spend time with having karaoke to sing your favorite songs. You can invite your friends to karaoke together at high volume. Show that your voice is good. You can also live streaming on Facebook to get viewers. This entertainment is free and you can do it anytime.

free entertainments

free entertainments

Listening to Music while Having some Snacks

Another free entertainment that you can enjoy at home is listening to music while having a snack. You can sit relaxed in your house balcony and then listen to your favorite songs while enjoying your favorite snack.

Playing Badminton Outside of the House

Next, you can do a fun activity outdoor for free and it also gives you a lot of health benefits. You can choose to play badminton along with your family members in front of your house. It is totally free, but you need rackets to have fun with this game. Badminton is not the only choice because you can also choose other sports like tennis, soccer, and etc. But, you cannot do these activities alone, so you need friends to join with you.

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